As a Canadian owned and operated company, we are extremely aware of the environmental impact and carbon footprint left by the hospitality industry.  We prioritize our sustainability initiatives and take measures to ensure that we minimize our carbon footprint.


Our Chef is always focused on providing healthy, quality menu items, and strives to order locally grown and produced items from Ontario farms. This initiative includes local produce, meat, chicken and fish, VQA wines and specialty products including maple syrup. Our family of suppliers play a key role in assisting us in achieving this vision


Environment measures are implemented in all that we do and part of our daily operations.  Our various kitchen facilities across the GTA are designed to facilitate this initiative.  We aim to provide limited waste through recycling and food handling practices and are advocates of reusing and recycling throughout our company.

Grab & Go food service is a large part of our business and we are committed to disposable food containers as part of our environmental initiative.  All packaging is biodegradable including plates, cutlery, cups and packaging.